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Project Mt. Kanin -2 000 m

One of the “foot – stones“ of this project was a descent of czech  cavers in ABISSO MICHELE GORTANI
in 1987, where  J.Musil, M.Pešek and Z.Nigrín perished
An international speleological project Mt..Kanin -2.000.m started 7 years later, in 1994.

Kanin 014-1_M_120.jpgSite of interest, Kanin plateau,  is located in the Julian Alps, on slovenian – italian border. The objective of this project is to get  knowledge of known cave systems and above all to find new parts of unknown undreground labyrinth, mainly those leading to resurgences in a valley of  the Soča.river.

Denivelation cave entrances – outlets reaches somewhere 2100 m, hence the massive can hide one of the deepest abysses in the world. The project Mt..Kanin -2.000.m involves besides members of the CSS also cavers from Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia and Slovakia.P2070432_M_120.jpg

PICT0044b_studna_za_Strelou_foto_Polak_M_120.jpgFollowing caves and cave systems were discovered from 1994:

C11 -664.m,

C24 PRETTY WOMAN -240.m,

BLACK JACK -302.m,

ČEŠKA JAMA -654.m, from connection with the BREZNO POD VELBOM cave a system with denivelation  910.m  originated

Discoveries in the SKALARJEVO BREZNO cave  (-911.m,  gallery SLEEPING DRAGON.)


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