Kačna Jama Exploration 2010


The main part of the international project Kačna Jama Exploration starts on August 14, 2010. The goal of this three-week exploration is to get in the "Passage Beyond the Mirror", which is situated in the off-taking part behind the siphon at the end of Cimerman Rov, and to find its continuation and to make map and photographic documentations. Climbing of a chimney under the sinkhole Bukovnik and diving attempt in a siphon at the end of Rov človečkih ribic will go on.

An innovation for this expedition is using of revolutionary wire-less connecting  technique (Cavelink, Heyphone). It allows to omit drawing of 4km long wire into the flooding area.

On-line news can be watched at

Petr Polák

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