Cave Rescue Service


Cave Rescue Servis of the Czech Speleological Society was established in 1982 as a voluntary component of specialized Czech Speleological Society. Its mission is: 


provide immediate and qualified assistance in the event of an accident in caves or other extreme conditions, which is materially  and technically prepared

cooperate with rescue operations in natural disasters and states of endangering lives and property at the invitation of the Integrated Rescue System of the Czech Republic which is a part.

It operates in selected experienced cavers who experience climbing and medical training and are able, if necessary, to provide qualified assistance. Through years of experience and regular training very well controlled extricating the injured from hard-to-ground space. These experiences provide members climbing team Fire and Rescue Service works closely with whom. Cave  Rescue Service is composed of 30 members of the two stations with activities in the areas of Bohemia and Moravia.