Important projects abroad

The Czech Speleological Society is successful in speleological activities abroad, too. Professor Karel Absolon was the first one, who was interested in karst research behind borders ouf our republic. His investigation of Dinaric Karst laid foundations for recent research. In 70´s Czech cavers found and documented several kilometers of new caves in Romania. Later first sports achievements were noted, like reaching the bottom of the Jean – Bernard Abyss in 1984, the deepest abyss in the world at that time.


At the beginning of 90´s, real expansion of expeditions and also primary world success arrive. Five expeditions to New Zealand revealed 11,2 km long system  - The Bohemia Cave with unique forms of cave fillings and large underground spaces. Glacio-speleological expeditions to Svalbard discovered and plotted many ice caves there and helped to understand conditions of thein origin. Speleodiving expedition to Romania and Sardinia disclosed new kilometers of passages in local caves. Czech cavers discovered several abysses deep hundreds of meters durig expeditions to the Julian Alps in Slovenia. In the end of  90´s, czech  speleoexpeditons led to Turkey, Poland, Austria and many other countries. At dawn of new millenium members of The Czech Speleological Society function in many european countries as well as in Asia and America.