Significant internal projects

The most significant internal projects are focused in the largest karst regions – The Moravian and The Bohemian Karst, however some projects run even in many smaller karst areas.
Exploration and documentation of new parts of The Amatérská Cave, the longest cave system in the Czech Republic, belongs to the most important achievements.
Total length of this system is more than 40 kilometers.
Speleological research  in the Moravian Karst  is performed also in the cave system Rudické propadáníBýčí skála, which is the second longest cave system in the Czech Republic. The aim is to pass so called  “Stará řeka“ („Old River“) part (distinctive tributary from unexplored section) in the Rudické propadání cave. Activities in the Býčí Skála Cave are concentrated on cave deposits exploitation by means of  so called “hydroexploitation“ – desintegration of sediments and their washing out by water current.
In 2004 connection between Dolní jezírko (“Lower lake“) on the bottom of The Macocha Abyss and the Čtyřicítka cave was found after five -year effort.
Difficult cave-in overcoming In The Nová Rasovna Cave enabled discovery of large
passages and domes called The Jeskyně pravěkých symbolů Cave. (The Cave of Primeval Symbols)
Terminal sump in the depth of -18m was cleaned with mud pump in the Horní Suchdolský ponor Cave.  After enlarging of narrow part of the sump, free space with total length 560 m and  21 m deep shaft „Suchdolské mystérium“ (“The Mystery of Suchdol“) was found.
First 400 m with active underground stream were discovered in the Svážná studna cave  in 2003, after 14 years of digging. In 2004 other 180 m of new passages and schafts were added.
Washing cave desposits out by „hydroexploitation“ was in progress in the Lopač Cave.  A chimney leading to an active stream was reached. Until this discovery, active stream was accessible only for divers in this part. Thanks to hard work and timbering, more than 200 m of free passages with the Lopač underground stream were uncovered. They descent like a cascade to the depth of 70 m below surface.
Large and unique system The Na Javorce Cave was discovered, thanks to unbelievable effort, in The Bohemian Karst.
Survey of the Hranická Abyss in  the  Hranický kras is in progress. Bottom of the deepest abyss in the Czech Republic hasn´t been reached yet, but divers descent deeper and deeper.