Expedition Bue Marino


The Bue Marino Cave, located in the centre of the Gulf of Orosei, is the main tourist attraction in Sardinia for more than 50 years and still attracts visitors from all around  Europe. This cave belongs to the most beautiful caves in the Europe and its large galleries can boast of interesting geological formations. The name Bue Marino (Sea  ox) comes  from sardinian language and means “Monk Seal“, a sort which took refuge in caves until the middle of the 17th century.

FJZ_5351_M_120.jpgIn 1978 it was for the first time when members of the CSS visited Sardinia. From that time they has cooperated with italian colleagues in a survey of cave systems in Supramonte region. They documented.
The Bue Marino Cave in detail and prepare next speleodiving expeditions into caves in this region. 

FJZ_5318-_M_120.jpgThe Bue Marino Cave consists of three parts:

Ramo Sud – Southern part, explored in 70´s by Jochen Hasenmayer, in 1981–1982 Frenchmen: Le Guen and Penez, in 1993 czech-italian team: Slezák, Benýšek, Netušil, Loru, Fancello, in 1998: Hutňan and Hóta
Ramo Nord – Nothern part, also called czechoslovakian, explored by  Slezák, Benýšek, Lukáš, Hovorka, Honeš, Čermák, Manhart.
Ramo Mezzo – Middle part discovered in 2006, which was plotted by Husák, Svobodová, Žilina, Hutňan D., Hutňan M., Manhart, Bulíř, Melichárek.