Expedition Kačna Jama

kacna_polak_m.jpgKačna jama – a cave on the underground river Reka which was in years 2007 and 2008 prolonged

by members of the CSS on 1 km of new passages and galleries immense in diameters.

Then the cave became the 2nd longest cave in Slovenia. The aim of dicoverer – speleological organization CSS 6-19 Plánivy  - is to find out the draining section on the Reka river and related underground space.

kacna_ex_m.jpgThanks to our activity we found pieces of complicated mosaic of mazy underground labyrinth, but it brought a lot of new essential questions into solved problems of draining the system. Both upper level of so called  Plánivský rov and lately revealed  Plzeňský Rov, which is  a spacy hall caved in on both sides functioning as a river channel by floods.

Exploration needs in addition to classical speleological methods also diving gear for getting over short but hardly accessible sumps. It is necessary to stay in the underground for several days.

In the future we plan to finish  a plot of  the Plánivský Rov behind the sump and hope to find out new facts about unknown inlets.

In the Plzeňský Rov we plan a survey of  promising passages that lead to a site of the last known Reka flow.  The main aim of the last time is an expedition to draining part of the Kačna Jama - Cimrmanov Rov. We plan to organise the first dive in a terminal sump. This action was complicated because of transport and dependence on weather. Local spaces are flooded very quickly to the height of several meters during summer storms. Thus aspects of safety must be solved at first.

kacna_potapec_m.jpgMore about the Kačna jama project you find at www.planivy.cz