Expedition Xibalba

104-0426_CRW_JFR_M_120.jpgA site of interest of  XIBALBA expeditions is known as so called Riviera Maya, that presents a belt of  eastern Yucatan peninsula coach, leading from well - known Cancun to the south, nearly to Belize border. The name comes from Mayan civilization, that inhabited this area formerly. Xibalba means underworld in mayan langage. Geographical position, geological and climatic conditions, ancient habitation make this unique  area, with  extensive cave systems, impassable jungle and still not uncovered history, special.


Local surface is completely flat without surface streams, covered by impassable jungle with cenots. A cenot can be a small lake, partly or completely hiden below a rock outhang or a narrow chimney leading to an underground labyrinth.  IMG_1720_M_120.jpg

The first expedition  was realized in 2003, when survey of the Cangrejo cenot was initiated after the first recconnaissance and  nearly 1 km of new uderground space was found and mapped.


In years  2004–2005 together 3 expeditions were organised and more then 3 km of passages in  the Joolis cenote and new the Zebrea cave (length nearly 2 km) were found.  DSC_2828_DxO_raw_M_120.jpg


07UWmex031_M_120.jpgIn 2006 new continuation of the Cangrejo cenote was revealed. Joining with Ich-Kin cenot was successful  and then system longer than 6 km originated. In the same year a survey of the Koo´x Baal cenote started. Original length 3,5 km was enlarged to 10 km. In 2007 and 2008

another success came and at the end of  2008 the Koo´x Baal got a position of 7th longest submerged cave in the world. Total lenghth is 20 km.6mex109_M_120.jpg07UWmex018-_M_120.jpg_DSC4318_M_120.jpg