Project NAMAK

02_NAMAK_vychoz soli_M_120.jpgNAMAK,  what means salt in persian languange, is an association of geologists and speleologists, who work on survey and research of unique salt caves and salt karst in Iran. Besides members of the CSS, people from the Charles University in Prague, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and The University in Shiraz (Iran) and volunteers take part.

03_NAMAK_skrapy_M_120.jpgProject Namak originated in 1998 and from this time its members has visited about 15 salt diapirs (until 2008). The most significant result is a discovery and documentation of the 1st and the 5th longest salt cave in the world – The 3N cave (former the Cave of 3 naked men, Ghar-e 3N) and the Students´cave ((Ghar-e Danešdžú). Until 2008 several tens of new caves were discovered; about 20 of them were plotted, what presents approximately 15 km of new underground passagests salt.

04_NAMAK_jeskyne1_M_120.jpgMainly thanks to the discovery and  documentation of the 3N cave by Namak team, part of the Kešm island was proclaimed  the National geopark and consequetly registered in Unesco database. Results of the Namak survey have been publicated in both scientific both popular journals and audio - visual media.  05_NAMAK_jeskyne2_M_120.jpg


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