Accommodation in the town of Sloup will be possible only through the organizer of the event. It is therefore recommended to book your accommodation directly within the registration process. Accommodation will be settled on a “first come, first dwell” basis.
We offer various types of accommodation, ranging from camps to hotels:


1. RELAXA Camp

Camping in your own tents or caravans, RVs.

2. Seasonal cabins

 Due to limited capacity, beds will be allocated to make full use of the cabins’ capacity, i.e., 4 beds per cabin. Upon registration, you will be asked to give the name of your preferred roommate in the respective section of the form. If you make no suggestion, you will be assigned a roommate/-s by the organizers. There are no electric plugs in the cabins. Recharging of your cellphones will be made possible at the Registration and other places.

3. Dormitory 

Rooms with 2, 3 or 4 beds; please, give the name of your preferred roommate in the respective section of the form upon registration. Separate rooms are available at an extra cost.

4. Hotels 

Rooms with two beds.
Again, separate rooms are available at an extra cost.


In case you are a larger group and wish to stay together, let us know by e-mail at the Registration office, we will be able to offer accommodation in a multi-bed apartment rooms.

All accommodation facilities, including outdoor areas, are non-smoking.

Prices of Accommodation 

Type  of Accommodation
Price per person and night
RELAXA Camp – tents, without electricity CZK 290
RELAXA Camp – caravans and camper vans, incl. electric connection CZK 390
Seasonal cabins – without electricity, light only Dormitory CZK 390
Dormitory CZK 490
   → extra charge for a separate room in a dormitory CZK 140
"Stará škola" hotel incl. breakfast - ALREADY FULL! CZK 850
"Broušek" hotel incl. breakfast CZK 850
   → Extra charge for a separate room in a hotel CZK 300

If you find yourself unable to make a choice of the suggested accommodation, you still have an option to find accommodation on your own in the neighbourhood through

This is totally up to you.


Two restaurants and two grocery stores are operated directly in the town of Sloup. Additional catering will be provided for you directly at the venue: a perfectly equipped foodtruck will be parked in front of the Culture Centre. The last day of the Meeting will include a social evening with an opulent banquet. Our Speleobar will be open at the venue for the whole duration of the event. For other dining possibilities in the near vicinity, see. 

Unfortunately, we cannot satisfy special food requirements. If you are on a special diet, please, make arrangements by yourself to meet your special needs and requirements.