Nabídka speleologické spolupráce v Kyrgyzstánu

Speleological cooperation in Kyrgyzstan

Dear Colleagues
There are no professional speleologists in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asian countries. But, a large number of unexplored karst areas.
Therefore, we invite all interested speleologists to take part in joint research in Central Asia.
In this regard, we send you a brief information about our speleo projects.
More detailed information is available on our website in the PROJECTS section.
In addition, we are preparing a separate expedition for speleo biologists, in the caves of southern Kyrgyzstan.
If you need more information, please email us.
Detail the expeditions can be found on our website    in the PROJECTS section
In this regard, our Foundation invites cavers and scientists to take part in expeditions in 2018.
Kyrgyzstan is open for entry without a visa for more than 100 countries.
Therefore, we are ready for open speleological cooperation.
Those wishing to participate, write to our address:
We hope for cooperation. All the best
Dr. Alexey Dudashvili
1a Lineinaya str. 720021, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan